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Earn your associate's degree or bachelor's degree 100% online from an accredited university.

The Top 3 Universities in 2014

Florida Tech University

Top-ranked by U.S. News, offers 30+ online degrees including Criminal Justice & Forensic Psychology.

Champlain University

Earn your Master's in Law focusing on Managerial, HR, Health, and Intellectual Property Law.

Kaplan University

Offers 50+ online degrees including Criminal Justice, CSI, Legal Studies, Homeland Security & more.

Online Degrees

Online Degrees

Compare accredited degrees offered online by top universities and colleges.


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Want to earn an accredited degree, but aren't sure where to begin? Learn about admission requirements, tuition and financial aid, and available degree programs now.

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Financial Aid

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Online Law Studies

Searching for an Online Law Degree, Criminal Justice, Legal Studies, or Paralegal Degree Online?

Typically, the majority of individuals seeking degrees through online universities or distance learning are usually to earn an associate degree, bachelor degree, master degree, or even online PhD degree programs are gaining popularity.

The field of law is another growing subject of interest when it comes to earning a degree online. Believe it or not, it is possible to earn an Online Law Degree. If you aren't interested in becoming an attorney, there are plenty of other online degrees available in the legal field including:

  • Online Criminal Justice Degree
  • Online Legal Studies Degree
  • Online Paralegal Degree
  • Online Paralegal Certificate
  • Online Law Degree

At Online Law Studies, we will focus on Online Schools that offer degrees related to the Law and Criminal Justice System. Whether you are looking for an online law degree, online paralegal degree, or online criminal justice degree, we will introduce you to various online law schools and online universities that offer these programs so that you can earn your legal studies degree online from the comfort of your home.

Why it's important to compare Online Law Degree Programs

Just because various schools offer the same subjects, earning an online law degree from college “A” can be a completely different experience from college “B”. As always, doing the proper research is essential. Things you may want to look for when choosing the best online law school or online legal studies degree program are accreditation, tuition cost, length of time to complete your online law degree, and quality of the programs and faculty running the program.

If you're looking into entering the field of law, yet do not want to actually become a lawyer, there are various colleges and universities that provide online paralegal degrees, online criminal justice degrees, and online legal studies degree programs. There will always be a need for such careers, as crime, unfortunately, is a reality.

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